She is Fierce

Today is a brand new day in 2019. As I write this, the air outside is so cold it snatches your breath away instantly. Snow covers the ground around our little house, but fortunately the sun is high in the sky and light filters in through our curtains. My husband, Carlos, sits across from me at our table immersed in his work. He is a filmmaker, artist, and composer and I cannot help but smile as I catch his eye. Our dog, Nutmeg, some sort of terrier mix with blonde fur and blue eyes, is basking in the sunlight that hits our front rug. She has a way of convincing us to open the windows and doors for her sun-soaked habit (I mean, if you see her face, you know why). And so starts our new year, quiet and sun-soaked with the chill of winter.

It seems rather cliché to start something new on the turn of the New Year, but this year it feels so appropriate that I am fully embracing it. Welcome to snippets of my life. I ride horses, stage manage theatre, work full time and try to live life to the fullest. I try to be kind to others and listen to those who need it, and in turn find a purpose for being here.

This blog will not be about one particular thing, but rather an honest view of my life. I will fluctuate between moments at the barn and my riding progress, take you backstage and through the rehearsal process as a stage manager, and I will share my thoughts and bits of what it means to be human.

For Christmas, a friend gave me a bracelet that says “Though she be but little, she is fierce”.  Many of you know this quote comes from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This quote hit me right in the gut (in the best way) when I opened it.  I have been feeling little and insignificant, and like I am not strong enough. I was apprehensive to start this. But with the help of a few very good friends, they convinced me that I do have something to offer to the world. And why not? I have a voice, so I will use it. So here is my goal for 2019: use my voice. State my mind, encourage others, sing, and contribute what I can to the world. To be Fierce.


2 thoughts on “She is Fierce

  1. Connie, helluva an intro my fierce, beautiful, well written friend! Looking forward to your blog journey and hearing more of your voice 💜


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