Juggling Act

I have been feeling a sense of guilt and pressure from taking such a long hiatus between blog posts. I started this as an outlet for my thoughts and to share my perspectives on things that matter to me, and somehow I have created an overbearing feeling of “You need to do this and do it right or else” for myself. If you’re anything like me, you feel like you are letting down the handful of people who support you and enjoy reading your thoughts. And let’s just- Shake. That. Off! It’s okay to take breaks between things and it’s okay to not apologize for it.

At my day job, we recently had a professional development meeting and watched a TEDx talk by Dan Thurmon called “Off-Balance on Purpose” and a light bulb clicked for me. Dan spoke about life being a juggling act, not a balancing act. The mere act of balancing is actively adjusting as the circumstances need. There is never a moment when your body is not making adjustments to keep you balanced. This also plays into our lives, where we sometimes have to focus on one area and come back to another as it benefits us.

I am currently neck-deep in performances for one theatre production and in rehearsals for another, while maintaining my average work schedule. I have had to put riding horses on pause right now as I simply don’t have time for it while juggling theatre, work, and my relationship. I do know that the rewards for this cycle will be well-worth it, and I am so grateful to be working in the theatre again, which aside from horses, is my biggest passion. I have so many opportunities and relationships built from this experience that I know my life will look something like this for a while- a juggling act from theatre to work to horses to my personal life. Maybe one day I will be able to ride horses in the morning and go to the theatre at night, but not today.

So I am trying to let myself BREATHE and not put so much pressure on myself to do everything all at once. I am a busy person with a multitude of interests, and am blessed to be using my degree in the area of study I fell in love with. Once May comes around, the grass will be greener and my show for the spring season will close, and I will have time again to ride, to make more blogs and interviews, and to continue juggling the other areas of my life that make me who I am.

Love from a caffeine queen, Connie

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