Through the Lens

Interview with equine and portrait photographer Lindsey Skeuse

When I first saw pictures taken by Lindsey Skeuse, I was immediately drawn in by her compositions, tone, and the sweet capture of moments in each shot. In every photo shoot I saw I grew more and more impressed by her work. We have two mutual friends (Taylor Bodson and Lindsey Porter) and we connected through interacting on Instagram. I was floored by her photo shoots with them and HAD to tell her. Lindsey is kind and compassionate, and her relationship with her subjects is evident in her work.

Lindsey is based now in New Jersey and travels in the New England area for work. Fortunately for me, she comes back to Colorado frequently as she is from Golden, Colorado! We met for an interview at my house before going to have a photoshoot at the barn.

Oh. My. Gosh. I’ve never had a professional take pictures of me and a horse before and she was so incredible to work with. She helped me with my outfit, she is good with horses and is quick to jump in and help out with grooming and holding while I adjusted something, and her calm and patient demeanor made the experience absolutely wonderful. I felt so relaxed during the shoot and was glad she was there to problem solve when Hank (my trainer’s horse I borrowed for pictures) only wanted to munch on grass the whole time. She is lightning quick and captured moments I didn’t even know were happening. The whole shoot, plus a costume change, took about an hour which felt incredibly quick to me.

Please enjoy our interview, and if you ever need photographs for your special event, be sure to call Lindsey Skeuse first. on Instagram.

Love from in front of a camera lens, Connie

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