Show Your Stripes

An uncommon brand for the uncommon soul.

-Herd of Zebras

I love helping people, and I love it when companies make it their goal to help others as well. I had been seeing good things about Herd of Zebras on Instagram. They make cute and comfy apparel and accessories with the equestrian in mind, sporting a classy zebra logo. Herd of Zebras’ founder, Forest Franzoi, started the company to support women who have suffered chronic illness or have suffered abuse. Forest wanted to start a company to lift up women who have been through the darkest of times, whether they have suffered chronic pain, physical abuse, or mental illness. Herd of Zebras donates proceeds when possible to non-profits to support those in need. When I found out they were donating proceeds to LGBTQ+ non-profits in the month of June I decided it was the perfect time to try them out! I am an avid ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

A few days later a sweet little package arrived with the soft teal shirt I ordered, and accompanied by a rainbow-bright sticker saying “Show Your Stripes” and a card that stated “Welcome to the Herd!”. The shirt is smooth and soft, and ever so comfortable. It is a little thin; when I put it over a dark bra at first you could definitely see it under the shirt, so I switched to a nude bra to avoid the issue. However, the weight and breathability was perfect for a hot day at the barn.

Fast forward to September, and I made another order on some of their sale items for end of season. Filled again with some zebra swag, The shirt is again, super soft and I LOVE the color, but be sure to wash it first as the dye did come off when I wore it for a day without washing. Entirely my fault- I should know better than to risk that with reds. Whoops!

The long-sleeve shirt is absolutely my favorite. Cozy, just the right weight, and with a comfortable unisex fit. I wore it for two days in a row lounging around at home because I simply didn’t want to get out of it!

We create products designed to empower. We see stripes in place of scars, each bearing a unique story of true grit, endurance, and perseverance. Herd of Zebras is more than a brand. We’re a community of warriors living outside a black and white world. What sets us apart from the rest are the stripes we bare and how we earned them.

-Forest Franzoi

I must give a major shout-out to Forest for absolutely being prompt with her orders and for being so wonderful to interact with. I had ordered an extra large for the unisex long-sleeve at first, and she messaged me the same day to let me know that I should size down. I went down to a large which still swallowed me whole. Before I had even had a chance to send back the too-big shirt, Forest had already sent me a medium, which fit perfectly. What other companies do that, and with such sweet thought and care put into each of their customers?

Forest has had a unique battle with chronic illness and wanted to bring people together from all walks of life, circumstances, and mental or physical illness. Through Herd of Zebras, she has been able to build a platform to give voice to those who feel unheard and afraid to be judged. The scars we all have, no matter how visible, can transform into stripes to show our strength.

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Love from a rainbow-striped herd, Connie