Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Christmas 2015

I LOVE Stocking Stuffers!

The smell of balsam pine in the air, warm lights and bright colors around the house, and hung carefully on my coat rack are three stockings: for Carlos, Connie, and Nutmeg.

My dad always did MASSIVE stockings. Filled to the brim, overflowing to the floor, and each item individually wrapped. It was always one of my favorite traditions. I was a bit shocked when I learned that Carlos’s family didn’t do it the same way- but I’ve continued my dad’s tradition with the exception of not always wrapping each item- who has the time?!

My family always has a toothbrush, an orange or tangerine, and chocolate in the stocking. I choose stocking stuffers I think will be useful, funny, or spark joy. I first think of who I am getting the gift for, what they like, what they need, and what they might have mentioned to me before. I start with a list!

Here’s some things I believe are great stocking stuffers, and hope this helps with your own list this year!



-Orange, mandarin, or tangerine


-fruit snacks




-Tea / coffee / hot cocoa

-Mini liquors

-mints / gum

House or Office

-Batteries (AA or AAA)

-Flashlight (always need them just in case!)


-Pens or pencils

-Post-its (bright colors make any office day better!)

-Funny items

-Silly magnets

-Mini games

-gag gifts!

-head phones

-portable phone charger

-charger cables (I have a few- keep one in my car and the office!)

-stain pen or stain wipes 


-air plant (quirky- but how cute would that be?!)






-hex key set

-eye glass repair kit



-Car scent

-microfiber towel (this may seem lame but honesty SO USEFUL)

-mini games!

-card deck

-power cords!

Self-Care & Toiletries

-Toothbrush (bamboo the better! Use less plastic!)

-Lip balm (my favorite is from The Herbal Horse)

-Hand lotion (unscented is better)

-Nail file 

-Nail polish

-Makeup-remover towels or wipes (I am now obsessed with Erase Your Face- only water needed and reuseable)

-face mask


-bath sponge or loofa


-eye liner


-Essential oils

-Body spray

-hair ties

-bobby pins

-Dry shampoo

-makeup brushes

-Lens wipes (cloth or individually wrapped)

-Hand sanitizer

-Mini deodorant

-Beard oil (my FAV is from The Herbal Horse-


Sugar scrub

-Coconut, olive, or almond oil

-brown sugar

-essential oil

Mix together in a jar and turn into a gift! Play around with the consistency you like.

Accessories & Apparel





-Socks (I love fluffy socks or good wool ones for winter)

-Gloves (warm or work- check out hardware stores for decent prices)


-Bow tie

-Pocket square


-Money fold or clip

Equestrian Stocking stuffers

For the Rider

-mini tack cleaner

-epsom salts

-hand warmers (DIY with rice pouches!)

-ear warmer headband

-double-ended snaps (you can never have too many!)

-Hair nets

-Riding socks

-insole warmers

-super glue

-duct tape (colorful!)

For the Horse

-Horse treats

-Hoof pick


-Curry comb

-Tail comb

-lead rope

-portable tack hook

-mini detangler

Christmas 2018
Wishing you all a cup of cheer! -Connie

One thought on “Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

  1. Not a tradition in Puerto Rico were we grew up. We do our best and always cherish our time together opening the the little presents that with love we share with each other. A tradition we will like to keep and enjoy for many years for sure ❤️


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